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How does it work ?
Statsr use the flickr's API to connect to your flickr accountm and retrieving data.
That's why you need to authorize Statsr from Flickr. This is safe and secure, Statsr solo reads information from your flickr account and will never modify anything !
Is it available to everybody ?
It is ! Well it is available to all Flickr users with a pro account.
Free users don't have stats on Flickr, so neither in Statsr.
Isn't it useless ? Why would I use it ?
I don't think, it depends if you like stats or not... Statsr will store your statistics from Flickr above the time, and allows you to manage and compare it. Do you have more "views" or "comments" this year than last year ?
Which groups brings you visitors ? Who are the most famous photographers on Flickr ?
Statsr try to answer to this questions...
Once logged in, I don't see all my Flickr groups, why ?
As groups are a really heavy data to retrieve from Flickr, it asks a lot of time to process, so a "classic" Statsr user can only his 50 firsts groups, while a premium one will see his 250 firsts groups.
Geolocation don't work or seems or not shows enough data, why ?
To work, geolocation needs you to set up a statsr badge which will send data to statsr, on your flickr profile.
Only visitors looking at your profile will appear in your stats.
Is it free ?
It depends of your needs.
A free plan is available whith illimited stats in time, some intersting stats about your photos and groups.
But some very intersting statistics are only available trought a cheap premium account.
Ads ?
To allow most of people using Statsr without subscribing, yes there are some ads on the website, sorry for that...
Note that if you buy a Premium account, you won't see ads anymore.
I saw that prices are in €uros, why ?
As is born in France, it is subject to french taxes, so at this time to keep it simple, prices are in €uros.
I don't have a lot of visits showing in the geolocation page but I know I do have visits on my flickr profile, why ?
If you have set the statsr badge on your flickr profile and still have few visitors showing in geolocation this is because of a modification made by Flickr, which prevents images from others sources than to load.
You can read more in the Flickr official help :
What happen to my private data when I stop using keeps your data during 2 years without using them in any way. So if you decide to use our service again, you'll find back all your datas.
After 2 years, all data are erased from our servers and will be lost.